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"Dr. Victor Mark Brown is one that produces yet another remarkable, inspirational challenge for the human spirit.  Dr. Brown, a sorted out motivational Speaker and Minister, is gifted to encourage others to succeed, even in the face of limitations.  After hearing him speak, it is evidence that he imparts a message that becomes contagious and energizes all that hear him.  His love, passion, and gifts have introduced many to their purpose and destiny."  ♦ Bishop Dr. Nolan T. Torbert, Senior Pastor at True Deliverance Holiness Church, Auburn, AL 


"I was introduced to Dr. Victor Brown 14 years ago when my daughter invited him to one of our Sunday morning service.  My first impression was that there is something special about this young man.  Not only had he excelled in education, but he is very intelligent, personable and humble.  Even more important than that, was the love and passion that he had for God and people.  When I think about Dr. Brown it reminds me of God's description of David when He said, 'I have raised up a man after my on heart who will do every thing I want him to do'.  I dare say that Dr. Brown's personality is described by Psalm 89 :18-21 which states: 'Once you spoke in a vision, to your faithful people you said: "I have bestowed strength on a warrior; I have exalted a young man from among the people.  I have found David my servant; with my sacred oil I have anointed him.  My hand will sustain him; surely my arm will strengthen him.'"  To know Dr. Brown is to love him and bask in the anointing that the Lord has placed upon his life.  He is an outstanding speaker and teacher".  ♦ Rev. Maud Phillips, Minister at Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Memphis, TN 

"Dr. Victor Brown is Confident, entertaining & full of inspiration.  I have heard Dr. Brown speak on several occasions and he never ceases to inspire me. He always makes me feel energized and leaves me with ideas for action. His talks are fun, passionate and sincere.  Dr. Brown has the ability to use the English Language to draw his audience to him, leaving them wanting to hear more. He always delivers. When you hear Dr. Brown speak, you will think that he is talking just to you. He is really easy to listen to and he focuses on the audience.  Dr. Brown is an inspiring coach for business professionals looking to further their careers and lead lives that has a lasting impact. Dr. Brown is always empowering while challenging individuals to be outstanding in their trades.  Dr. Brown is insightful; people focused and he knows how to get the best out of you. I first met Dr. Brown a year and a half ago and he challenged the way I think, and view the world. Dr. Brown has been my most valuable professional contact and friend ever since. His passion and commitment towards his projects is second to none and his hard work and dedication always shines through. His talks are packed with sparkling wit and brilliant expertise; he is never a bore. Dr. Brown has a fantastic way with words that will ignite your thoughts and cultivate your confidence. He’s generous with his knowledge and experience and he never think twice about sharing it amongst friends and colleagues. Dr. Brown is intuitive and he brings innovation and creativity into whatever he’s doing. He always contributes an interesting and new perspective to any situation, and he works with the highest integrity and professionalism. No matter how many times you hear Dr. Brown speak, he will never fail to open your eyes to a different way of dealing with a problems and looking at the solutions. Dr. Brown has a calm sincerity about him, but at the same time, he has heaps of energy and positivity.  He is the most warmhearted and sincere person I know. When he speaks, he speaks with a passion. He works wonderfully with any audience and equally as well on a one to one basis. I have always been impressed by his warm, natural and engaging style as a speaker.  Dr. Brown always brings a natural humor to any subject which helps lighten any mood.  He is stimulating, engaging and enthusiastic. His glass is not half full - it is overflowing. Dr. Brown will leave you with a smile on your face and fire in your belly; he’s impressive in so many ways. If you are looking for a speaker or life coach who is awe inspiring and able to impart his knowledge in a way so anyone may relate, invite Dr. Brown. He talks common sense and leaves you not just inspired to take action but with the information and tools to do so. Trust me when I tell you, if you choose Dr. Brown, you will be writing a better testimonial than I."  ♦ Ryan Davis BSN (Hons), Member of Sigma, Theta Tau, Trenton, NJ

"Dr. Brown has done an outstanding job of elevating Science, Mathematics and Technology at Burlington County College (BCC) to that next level of excellence. I joined BCC as an adjunct instructor to teach online and I found this division to be a dream to work for an super organized. I wish that I could have done as outstanding a job as Victor does when I was dean. He is loved by students, faculty and administration alike. I am proud to work for him."  ♦ Dr. James Brown, Associate Professor at BCC, former Dean at Ocean County College and Award-winning Pioneer in Science & Public Health Online Course Delivery, Pemberton, NJ

"Dr. Brown truly possesses a combination of all the right ingredients - passion, intelligence, sophistication, personality, integrity and a commitment to excellence. He consistently raises the bar to create an educational experience that is exemplary - he wants his students to succeed in their educational endeavors as well as their life choices. Dr. Brown has this great combination of academic and business experience. With more and more colleges moving to a traditional business model and are looking to their students as "customers" versus "receivers of information", Dr. Brown can add great value to help guide this paradigm shift smoothly and efficiently. I thoroughly enjoy working with him, learning from him and being around his positive energy. I highly regard and recommend him."  ♦ Valerie Winters, Director, Business Communications at FMC Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

"My daughter, Seonna had the pleasure of being selected as a scholar for Dr. Brown’s brainchild the AgriTREK/SciTREK Science and Engineering summer program at Tuskegee University, a program he pioneered and co-founded for high students. Seonna has attended summer programs at Stanford University, Skidmore College and Atlanta Girl’s School.  She found AgriTREK’s rigor and diverse curriculum to match those camps previously attended. Tuskegee now sits among the colleges in which she will consider as a collegiate option. AgriTREK offered a variety of science and engineering focus fields for major, leadership development, a social responsibility component and final projects that were extremely impressive and on display for all to see. The work completed by the scholars under the direction of mentors was college level and of the quality I would expect from any leading science/engineering university. In addition to the coursework, the kids had a lot of fun. They worked hard and played hard. Dr. Brown and his co-founder have created a gem of a program. As a parent, I was appreciative of the safe and nurturing environment provided to my daughter while the program staff honed her leadership ability and pushed her to pursue academic and social excellence."  ♦ Heidi Bacote, Management Analyst (Contractor) at Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, Good afternoon. 

"Dr. Brown is a great person to work with. He is energetic, learned, always pleasant and accomplishes more than is required. Additionally, he is very helpful and brings enthusiasm to all endeavors that he is involved with."  ♦ Dr. William Lennard, Resource Coordinator at Tuskegee University, Tuskegee, AL